The Great Job Hunt Begins

In view of the fact that I haven’t applied for a job in nearly thirteen years (though I am proud to state that I have been promoted four times in my current school) I have enrolled on a MOOC entitled ‘Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills’ being run by the University of London and Coursera. Good reputations both, so I figure a good start at forcing me to reflect on my current strengths and weaknesses. So far so good; I’m learning a lot!

This is important because in the course of a school day, I can move from counsellor to data analyst to critical thinker to social worker to strategic planner to seminar coordinator to minute taker and then back to ‘best friend’ for the marginalised and lonely. What a rollercoaster ride a school day can be (and that’s just for the teachers).

So I think I KNOW my strengths and weaknesses. But what I don’t have is the most up-to-date literacy to sell myself on paper and at interview. The job market has changed beyond all recognition and job applications are akin to a dark art, shrouded in mystery, at least to the uninitiated. Me. I plunge into the forums and leave my comments; I am reassured to see that I am not alone in feeling a need for change, a disorientation that comes with potential career change, and intimidated by the prospect of being 48 and looking for work in an environment which is unkind to older women – that’s not just a Hollywood rumour!

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